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Analysis Analytical Tools Consists of a number of analytical tools for understanding digital communications systems. Methods of estimating channels capacity and error rate performance are typical tools found here.
ChanlSim Channel Simulation Provides a method for modeling the noise and interference of digital communication transmission. Includes tools for modeling analog transmission systems, colored noise and channel impairments such as filtering, echos and multipath.
Compress Compression Tools Tools to study common analog source coding techniques (APCM, ADPCM) and other compression tools, such as Huffman coding, are provided.
DataFnc Data Functions Functions to manipulate and organize data. Bitwise logical functions (e.g., and, or, xor, logical\_shift) as well as buffering and mapping functions are found here.
DCTdemos Demonstration Programs Examples of the use of the toolbox. Useful for learning how the toolbox can be used.
DCTUtils Assorted Utilities A library of common utility functions common to DigComT.
Discrete Discrete Math Functions Discrete numerical functions such as combinatorical functions (e.g., binomial and multinomial functions) and number theoretic quantities are presented.
FEC Forward Error Control Functions Forward error-correction tools that include: Trellis coding (convolutional codes, QAM trellis codes and Viterbi decoding), Block coding (Reed-Solomon and BCH codes) and interleaving simulation. The toolbox includes turbo coding functions including the BCJR soft-in/soft-out trellis decoding algorithm.
FFLib A Library of Finite Field Functions A library of tools for finite field computations (useful for studying algebraic coding techniques).
FileFnc File Functions A library of common file manipulation functions for use in DigComT.
Modem Modulation and Demodulation Functions Simulation tools for modeling modulation and demodulation processed. A variety modulations are supported (PAM, QAM, PSK, ...). Tools for developing receiver structures involving AGC, carrier recovery, symbol timing recovery and adaptive equalization are provided.
Numeric Numerical Functions Numerical functions used in the study and simulation of digital communications systems. Examples include quantizers, mean-squared estimators (LMS and RLS), and information theorectic functions (entropy and mutual information).
PlotFnc Plotting Functions A library of plotting functions common to DigComT. Examples include functions to plot signal constellations and eyepatterns.
RandSig Random Signal Functions Deals with methods of generating and manipulating a variety of random signals commonly required for digital communications.
Signals Deterministic Signals and Constellations Deals with methods of generating and manipulating a variety of deterministic signals commonly required for digital communications.
FPLib Fixed Point Library Consists of a number of tools for understanding and simulating fixed point systems.
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